Frequently Asked Questions Answers

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Franchising Information:
Q: What net worth must I have to qualify for a franchise?
A: The minimum financial requirement is a net worth of $300K and liquidity of $100K.

Q: What is the average store size?
A: Most stores should be between 1,000 – 2,500 square feet.

Q: How do I find a location?
A: Three Dog Bakery will help you select a location that meets our site specifications. You’ll have input from our experts on choosing, negotiating and securing your site.

Q: How long does it take to become a Three Dog Bakery Franchisee?
A: On average, new bakeries open within 6 months of submitting the franchise application. Individual project timing depends on preparedness, site selection, financing and store build-out.

Q: Is my franchise exclusive to my city?
A: All franchise bakeries are granted an exclusive radius dependent on demographics, population and location. Some partners secure a complete market area through a multi-unit agreement.

Q: Can I apply for a franchise online?
A: No, but you can start the process by submitting the franchise application.

Q: What background and experience do I need to be a strong Three Dog Bakery franchise candidate?
A: Successful Three Dog Bakery franchisees are individuals with sound business acumen garnered from experience in small business operations, financial management, marketing and retail. Plus, they love dogs!

Q: What types of products am I allowed to sell in my Three Dog Bakery?
A: A Three Dog Bakery franchise is a combination of wholesome, healthy consumable products and unique dog-friendly merchandise. You’ll sell a variety of items, including toys, beds and collars from approved vendors in addition to carrying all Three Dog Bakery branded products.

Q: Does Three Dog Bakery have the same requirements as a restaurant would?                                                           A:  Three Dog Bakery is NOT a restaurant.  We have minimal residue left in mixing bowls after food preparation, so almost nothing goes down the drains.  When we prepare our all natural dog treats on sight we use the following: Whole wheat flour, Rice flour, Peanut flour, Applesauce, Honey, Canola Oil, Shortening, Carob chips (similar to chocolate chips), Yogurt, Buttermilk, Vanilla chips.  Any fat that is used is for frosting or cookies and then baked.  We DO NOT USE:  Any fryers or frying oils, any animal fats, or garbage disposals because food product and grease do not go down the drains.  Because we operate differently than a restaurant and have very little residue left after our baking process, we do not see the need for a grease trap.*  Duke, the manufacture of the ovens that are placed in Three Dog Bakeries does not require a hood or vent of any kind.*

*Varying city codes may require otherwise.

Investment Information:

Q: How much capital do I need to invest in a Three Dog Bakery?
A: The initial investment ranges from $154,000 to $352,000 and varies upon store location and market.

Q: Do you offer third party financing?
A: Three Dog Bakery works in partnership with third party financial lenders. For more information please contact Tanner Filip, Partner Account Manager, Guidant Financial, Phone: 888.472.4455 x3783
or via email at –

Q: What are your royalty fees?
A: On average 5.5%. Details on the royalty fee calculation are included in our Franchise Disclosure Document and are only on non-Three Dog Bakery sales.

Support Information:
Q: What are the advertising costs?
A: The Three Dog Bakery franchise agreement allows for up to a 2.5% advertising fee. The fee is not being collected at this time.

Q: What happens once I open my store?
A: We want you to succeed! Three Dog Bakery provides ongoing support in operations and marketing through store visits and national meetings. We also provide additional coaching for all bakery operators who request assistance with specific bakery issues.