Open A Bakery

Why A Three Dog Bakery?

Three Dog Bakery stores are big enough to let in a Great Dane, but not too overwhelming for your customers and their owners, ranging in size from 1,000 – 2,500 square feet. You control your investment by choosing to open a single store or operating multiple units in a dedicated geographic area.

Our in-house analysis shows successful bakery owners have these characteristics in common:

  • Demonstrate sound business acumen coupled with a collaborative work style
  • Build solid relationships with the community and personnel
  • Willingness to invest cash to open a bakery
  • Passionate about dogs and their owners, demonstrate strong customer service skills
  • Have a positive, welcoming outlook and don’t mind cleaning up after the occasional “accident”

Have a market in mind? Let’s talk. 
Currently Three Dog Bakery is not marketing to residents of or offering franchises for sale in the following states: Hawaii, North Dakota, South Dakota, Rhode Island or Maryland.