Company History

Our History

MastiffLickingCaseDallasIn 1989, three dogs, two guys, and one $0.59 biscuit cutter created the world’s first bakery for dogs. Its revolutionary idea – 100% natural, wholesome, human-quality ingredients – gave pet owners a new option in healthy feeding. What was radical then is what’s right now.

Bred from a love of dogs, the concept of involving a pet pooch in the actual purchasing experience seemed like a natural combination of dog and owner lifestyle. After all, owners know their dog is special and delight in seeing others treat them so. Just like our locations today, the original Three Dog Bakery store was an inviting and exciting place for pets and the people that treasure them. Customers still enjoy the pleasant aroma of fresh-baked pastries, treats and food for dogs in a comfortable setting.
Our dedication to enriching a dog’s life with our products is why we’ve grown from a “bare-bones” table top beginning to one of the nation’s leading producers of natural treats and food for dogs. From our original store 20 years ago to our thriving franchise success, we help every dog have its day.