Corporation Information

The Three Dog Bakery Experience

Corporate Information Image 1When you step into one of our bakeries, you’ll experience a warm, wet noses kind of welcome where dogs can revel in the attention and pet parents have fun at bakery events throughout the year such as: “The Dog’s Night Out” “Growlin Howl-o-ween,” and “The Easter Begg Hunt” to name a few.


Here’s what you’ll find at any Three Dog Bakery:

• A great gathering place for dogs and dog lovers

• Chef-created samples for each dogTDB Store photo

• Ultra-premium, oven baked foods

• 100% all-natural ingredients, many fortified with premium quality vitamins

• No chemicals, artificial preservatives, by-products or rendered ingredients EVER

• Special bakery items, special events, surprises

• A community of people who love their pets

As a bakery owner, you’ll become a big part of your local area’s pet community, somewhere we’re sure you’ll be happy to be found.