Jamie Wiebrecht, EVP of Franchise Operations & Client Experience

jamieJamie has always had a passion for four things. Family, sailing, retail and Taylor Swift.

He grew up with a long legacy in retail as his grandfather was the founder of a major department store in the VERY FIRST indoor mall in Milwaukee, Wisconsin called the Capitol Court.
The legacy continued with Jamie’s father, as he went on to open and operate fifteen Hallmark stores in the greater Milwaukee area for more than thirty five years. (Needless to say, to this day Jamie still never misses marking a birthday, anniversary or graduation with a greeting card.)
It was his father who taught him everything about operating a successful retail business through solid yet simple business concepts such as, “you’ve got to at least beat last year’s sales.” Or “you can’t sell from an empty wagon.” And everyone’s favorite, “location, location, location” as it relates to the science of site selection.

The skill of sailing also taught Jamie a thing or two when it comes to business. To analyze the wind, adjust your sails and for god’s sake make sure everyone knows when turning about. Those guiding skills have served him well in every retail environment he’s been in charge of to this day. He further notes, a strong sea wind is like a good customer. Don’t ever take either for granted and know they can change at a moment’s notice.

Jamie’s personal passion for retail developed when he worked for two of the best in class retail brands in America. NIKE and Hallmark. Both are in the brand hall of fame and are studied around the world.

In his current role as EVP of Franchise Operations & Customer Experience, Jamie’s on a mission. First, to support the existing franchise network to new levels of success. To that end the bakery network has achieved twenty two consecutive months of positive sales growth.

He is also the first person a prospective bakery owner will meet, strategize and work with from start to finish during the process of becoming a Three Dog franchisee. Jamie leads a team of seasoned support people, all dedicated to getting your business off the ground and running. ….

Jamie has a beautiful Golden Retriever, named Taylor Swift.

You can learn more about Jamie via LinkedIn.