Scott Ragan, Partner & President – “Chief Dog Lover”

scottScott is a successful business executive whose career can be characterized by a passion for growing businesses through entrepreneurship, team building and of course, a love of dogs.

Scott entered the pet industry when he joined Three Dog Bakery as investor, President and CEO in October 2006. During his tenure, Scott and his team led a company turnaround that materially reduced costs, improved quality and innovation, retired debt, and grew gross revenues by 200% resulting in a significant increase in profitability.

After a three year hiatus in 2012, Scott is thrilled to be back in 2015 working with associates and Franchisees again as an investor and Three Dog Bakery’s current President. Under Scott’s vision everyone at Three Dog Bakery is focused on ensuring pet lovers around the world get the opportunity to experience fantastic, all natural, made in the USA treats. Three Dog Bakery is also proud to serve its franchise bakeries and value each of these relationships.

During his hiatus, Scott founded the Petwell Group Inc. where he and his business partners merged a rapidly growing portfolio of brands including DOG for DOG and Happy Tails. The team shared a passion for creating quality, all natural pet products and implemented a mission to help dogs in need by helping end euthanasia through their “You Buy One–We Give One” business model. During Scott’s tenure, Petwell raised investment capital and restructured as Heart United, LLC with a group of celebrity investors that included entertainers Snoop Dogg, Chelsea Handler, and Michael Buble’.

Prior to Three Dog Bakery, Scott spent seven years with H&R Block growing revenue from company and franchise operations in the U.S. and Canada. He was Vice President of Financial Operations, Pricing and Strategic Planning, where he oversaw a wide range of teams dedicated to improving financial and operational processes and profitability.

Scott is currently the proud pet parent his Yorkie-Poodle Buddy.

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