Pet Business Category Data

Category Data

Studies show that pet parents have indicated they will continue to spend money in the natural foods category, as many owners learn more about maintaining their dog’s health. Dog food contamination scares, such as the 2008 melamine incidents and unsafe ingredients sourced from China drove more people to seek safe, wholesome, high-quality alternatives to their current pet foods and treats.

Pet Data in the U.S.A.*

  • 54 million households have at least one dog
  • There are 77 million dogs
  • $60+ billion dollars will be spent on pets – and it just keeps growing
  • An estimated $23 billion will be spent on pet food and treats
  • Pet parents spent, on average, $637 per dog, per year (Excludes vet and medical expenses)
  • 25% of pet products are sold via retail specialty channels

Pet Parent Demographics

  • Millennials, 44% own a dog, 25% own a cat
  • Gen Xers, 43% own a dog, 28% own a cat
  • Baby Boomers, 38% own a dog 25% own a cat

Lifestyle Data

  • 42% of dog owners treat their pets outside the home, on-the-go
  • 68% send treats to doggie day care (10% of all owners utilize doggie day care)
  • 55% of pet parents treat their pets in the family room
  • 79% treat a pet for obeying a command
  • 75% of consumers store pet treats in original packaging after opening

*2015 National Pet parents Survey by APPA